Horizons Residential Tanks

Our residential work covers all types of builds and are installed to compliment the property while also saving valuable spaceā€¦

182,000kl water tanks.

Northern NSW

45 000 litre tank at Mt Tamborine.

Mt Tamborine

Dual 45 000 litre tanks Tamborine Village.

Tamborine Village

Residential 45 500 litre Mt Tamborine.

Mt Tamborine

90,000kl water tanks.


Residential under driveway at the in progress stage.

Gold Coast

Underground 23000lt squat design

Nth Nsw

45,500kl at Santuary cove.

Santuary Cove

Residential 32 500 litre backyard tank at Casaurina Beach.

Casaurina Beach

Painted 45 000 litre tank.

Gold Coast

90,000lt underground water tanks.

Brookfield Brisbane